Sunday, 14 August 2011

VIDEO: How much can the SEV Trench Coat Hold?

I don't often do this. Make a video I mean. But it seemed the best way to demonstrate the Scottevest (SEV) Women's Trench Coat in all its glory...

A few things to note about the coat and video:
  • It's sped up about 1.15 times to match the song and so it's less draggy.
  • As the digital camera was used to film the show, I substituted my pink Samsung hard drive as its stand-in. 
  • I didn't use all the pockets. I sort of ran out of items / ideas. I'm sure regular use will suggest uses for the pockets though.
  • The belt loops are too low on the trench coat, which is why I removed the belt entirely. I'll probably adjust that. 
  • It feels soft and slightly fuzzy in person. Lovely!
  • Yep it weighs quite a bit when fully loaded. But oddly when on and all the buttons fastened it feels lighter. 
  • The song is Feist's Tout Doucemont
Update: And here's the pile of stuff I crammed in. The iPod is buried under the hard drive masquerading as a digicam.


Tine said...

Hehehehe Em your coat is a Mary Poppins' carpet bag! Goodness me, the amount of things you can put in there. I was watching excitedly at what wonders you could pull out of the coat :P

Kahani said...

heheh, on reflection Tine, I regret not popping something truly insane in there. Like a bottle of chilli sauce (which may NOT be that insane for me actually...)

rinnah said...

LOL! I love this video - it's like watching a magician pull stuff out of the hat! I'll bet you can practically go without a bag during the winter months with this coat, yea? :)

Kahani said...

Rinnah: that's the idea, but I like the idea of having a bag so I can toss things into it if we have a coat check. I can probably stow a small bag away in the coat somewhere... =P

beetrice said...

LOL...I loved it! only wish you had taken a shot of the 'extracted' pile of stuff on the couch to see just how much you had stowed away in the coat! :p

Kahani said...

Bee: I did! But was lazy last night. =P

Will upload it tonight. Check back tomorrow. ;)

Petra said...

Love it!

kuri said...

that is awesome! I love the trench coat too!

Roxy said...

Thanks so much for the video! I am seriously thinking of buying the SVE Trench Coat...but I'm worried it'll be too big for a petite person. I'm 5'2 and ~125 pounds (although that may change since I've moved to NY and there are just amazing restaurants around) - do you think it'll be too big/too clunky on me? I'm thinking of comparing my measurements to the coat's measurements online..but seeing as I don't have measuring tape right now, I thought I would ask you to see what you think in the meanwhile ^__^ P.S. - I just found your blog and really like it! :D

Kahani said...

Hi Roxy sorry for the late reply!

Well it's hard for me to say how it'll fit on you but this is how it worked for me:

I had to move my belt loops higher as they sat on my waist but that was no biggy.

I'm 5'4" and about 105 pounds, I wear a US2 if that helps at all. I find that the coat is knee length and when worn without a bulky sweater can be a bit loose I feel.

Hope that helps!