Sunday, 5 June 2011

Welcome to the new apartment

I've finally moved into my new flat and I still feel like a little girl playing house, or "masak-masak". =P

It was partially furnished so I got to indulge some of my whims and fancies without spending too much. Like this white-green colour scheme I've always had a crush on.

Ikea's cheapest sofa bed only comes in one colour, dark grey. So I chose these floral cushions to add a touch of warmth, pick up on the green notes and blend in the grey. The white throw adds a touch of cosiness I thought.

This came with the apartment. When I saw that my shoes had a home I thought, "IT'S FATE!"

I'll be pasting something pretty over the ugly tape marks soon!

And here's a peek into my tiny bedroom:

So far, I'm only really using one cupboard. The other holds my giant suitcase which I have NO place to store. Oh dear. The top shelf functions as part of my beauty dresser  (the other half being the window ledge).
Can you spot which dresses made the trip with me? 
There wasn't much I could do with either the kitchen or the bathroom. At least, for the bathroom, I could put in a pretty shower curtain.

Well thanks for visiting! =)


plue said...

me love best the sofa! :P just nice tee hee, and i see HG J&J is peeking just at the corner of the bathroom there!

Meldee said...

A lovely little place! Haven't been by the blog in yonks :)

Kahani said...

Plue: It is strangely nice to have a living room with a sofa. Can't explain why a bed just isn't the same sometimes.. =)

Mel:Aww thanks dear. Looking at your FB posts you should be writing a foodie+wedding blog. =P

Girl living in Oslo said...

Hi girl...
Looks like you have a very nice and cosy apartment:)

Greetings from Norway:)

Red Mera Vintage said...

Looks lovely dear!

Red Mera Vintage


Kahani said...

Girl living in Oslo: Thanks dear, and Hei from Hong Kong! Ooh Norway, it's high on my list of places to visit. =)

Shikha: Thanks!

chien said...

hello ... new reader here and i think i stayed in the same / similar apartment as yours when i was in hong kong for about 3 months last year!