Monday, 4 April 2011

The little things

I find myself enjoying this rather plain outfit because it's the details that bring it to life. It gets compliments when people draw near enough to notice things. For example, you can't see it (lousy lighting), but the dress has a lovely woven texture to the material that give the delicate blue shade some interest.

The lacey floral pattern on the belt looks so pretty against the blue and...

My (one of my new favourite) shoes have little flowers on them! Whee!

Dress: Chia's Amcorp Mall Thrift Shop (RM15)
Belt: Online blogshop (now closed and sadly I don't remember the name) (RM20)
Shoes: Amcorp Mall (yes I shop there a lot) Shoe Fair (RM20)


plue said...

actually i saw a similar belt but in different colours sold at F Block in Kota Damansara :)

I remember seeing it in red/ black/ tan brown.

and i adore your shoes! it's cute!

rinnah said...

I'm coveting that belt of yours! It looks so much better than the usual cinchers that seem to be all the rage now. :)

Kahani said...

Hey Plue & Rinnah was about to say that I spotted something similar - but thinner with an elastic band around the back at the denim bag shop in 1U next to FOS. The shop's called Dolly-something or other and the belts are RM19. Not quite as nice but it's the closest I've seen since.

lavender said...

the belt is so nice! I love your fashion sense.