Monday, 21 March 2011


Darn, should have aligned it better before snapping a shot!
I have had an unrequited love for off-shoulder necklines for the absolute longest time. They just seemed impossible to find at one stage and suddenly, woosh, I get two-off shoulder dresses at once! Here's one of them!

It's the neckline I love. How it makes your neck and shoulders look graceful and ever so slightly sexy. But effortlessly, like you have no clue you are (well, I just gave that one away didn't I?).

It also shows off the most delicate accessories beautifully. Like this dainty pearl necklace I received as a birthday present (thanks, dear).

Dress: A Bunch of Wildflowers (RM49)
Belt: H&M (GBP3)
Shoes: Cats Whiskers (RM35 after 50% discount)
Silver & pearl necklace: Gift


Dusk said...

...and also shows a lovely dragonfly!

Kahani said...

that too.. I love my dragonfly. =D