Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ride of the Rings with Dart Stables

That's Murphy. He's a bit of a grump. 
High on my list of things-I'm-glad-I-did on this trip was a tour of LOTR film locations around Glenorchy with Dart Stables. For NZ$170 I got a full afternoon of absolute gorgeous scenery, and horsies.

Lake Wakatipu: Even the ride from Queenstown to Paradise (yes it's really called, "Paradise") is breathtaking. 
Ahh the famous NZ Sheep Road Crossing. Only entertaining to tourists. 
First sight of Dart Stables's paddock in Paradise. 

Murphy favours the bed head look

They tell me that spotted tree was around when the elves told Gimli he breathed so loudly they could shoot him in the dark. Must rewatch that bit and look closer at the trees!
Add Minas Tirith and a couple hundred Ents and you have Isengard! Where the hobbits went. 
Horsey on the left was in both LOTR and Price Caspian. Horsey on the right is a gorgeous Irish Hunter who acts like a pet Labrador. I love him. 


lavender said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing pics! Are these pics taken with DSLR camera?

rinnah said...

Lovely weather! I must go visit those sites (puts LOTR trip on bucket list).

Kahani said...

Lavender: Nope, I use a Canon S90. It's a great point-and-shoot. =)

Rinnah: Yes you must! =D

lavender said...

Wow so it's Canon. You have great photography skills too.