Monday, 24 January 2011

Dressing Up

For me, part of a great night out is getting dressed. The luxury of pampering yourself, choosing an outfit that makes you feel gorgeous and carefully applying makeup... it all adds to the anticipation and the joy of the night.

Some of my favourite passages in books are long, elaborate descriptions of getting dressed. From Victorian corset lacing, Edwardian silk stockings and Prairie eyelash curling.

Always, in all these eras, the last step is the anointing of scent. That drop of perfume, spritz of fragrance. Coco Chanel said that no woman's outfit is complete without perfume and for me it's the final seal on the night's outfit.

This is the latest lovely gift from a lovely friend, and is now my favourite fragrance. Petite Cherie smells of pears, of freshness but with a warmer edge of musk. A clean scent that makes you smell good, not your perfume. 
Dress: H&M Hong Kong (HKD150)
Shoes: Aldo (RM40 after 80% discount)
Earrings: Diva (RM22 on sale)


rinnah said...

You scored Aldo shoes at RM40? I am so jealous right now. :(

ksuan said...

Wow, you look beautiful Kahani! That dress is amazing. :)

Kahani said...

rinnah: Look out for the next Aldo warehouse sale =)

ksuan: Thanks dear! I love this dress to death.

ksuan said...

Easy to see why! On my last holiday I went to H&M and scoured for their famous USD 9.99 dress (the one modeled by the Chinese models, cowl neck, gorgeous) and turns out they were sold out within 45 minutes of stock entering the stores... statewide.

Also, are you excited about H&M opening its flagship Singaporean store on Orchard Road later this year? I am :D

Kahani said...

Ksuan: YES I AM. Now what do I have to do to get them to come to M'sia DAMMIT! *throws a tantrum*

I had no idea how good I had it in Denmark. Surfeit of H&Ms and lots of unsold stock going at huge discounts.

Anne said...

Tee hee heeee...... H&M Denmark is great! even my mom loves to go and have a quick look when she comes over for a visit.

Kahani said...

Anne: There were FIVE within 10 mins walking distance of my ex's place in Aarhus. And you know Aarhus. It's TINY.