Monday, 17 January 2011

Ballet Inspired

With a visually impactful movie like The Black Swan out recently, ballet-inspired fashion is expected to make a resurgence. In fact, according to TiC, it's never really left and the catwalk's gone gaga for it which means highstreet will follow soon.

I've never left off my ballerina dreams but this frou frou style makes me feel self-conscious I admit. In fact I'm not entirely sure I'd wear this outfit out complete with ankle ribbons. What do you think?

I picked this dress up at a flea market to partially assuage my longings for the lost Zara dress, but well... the skirt was shorter than expected and it needs taking in (will get round to that one day. Until then, belts will do the trick!)

Black dress: Blogshop stall which I can't remember, sorry! (RM40)


rinnah said...

Why wouldn't you wear this outfit out? It looks fab - especially the black ribbons! :)

Kahani said...

Thanks dear, it seems like such a costumey outfit. But I guess for more high-fashion / dressy events it'l be great. =)

Dusk said...

Oh gosh you have splendid legs... so don't you dare lengthen this dress!!!

You look very Black Swan (as in sensual and dangerous!) but as much as I love this ensemble... maybe it's a bit too literal? As you say, a bit costume-y.
The weird thing is... if the straps wound all the way up your legs to your knees...that would make it edgy... maybe? I do love the look and the look on you.

Kahani said...

Aww thanks Dusk. You're right, if the ribbons went over the knee it'd be bang off-catwalk fashion. As it stands, I won't use this look without some sort of twist I think.