Friday, 10 December 2010

Shopping Around: Cocktails & Martinis

It's time, past time, to introduce you to one of my absolute favourite online blogshops, Cocktails & Martinis. I have this blog on my feed-reader and stalk it religiously. I first fell in love with it when I came across this dress:

Post: Graveyard Book
The prices are reasonable (usually under RM50), the quality if the garments tend to be a cut above most other blogshops and the service is awesome. 

High Waisted Skirt - RM40
Finding a blogshop you love is almost like having a personal shopper. You know my love for classic styles and time and time again I've found things to love on Cocktails.

Post: Simplicity
I love that her sales are really sales, not lousy RM3-RM5 off here and there. And while her updates aren't huge they are fairly frequent (almost weekly) so there's a reason to keep checking back. 

Post: All I Wanna Do...
This blog also supplied my dress for my feel-good night on the town. =)

Rinnah adores this site too. Do you shop here? Remember, I get FIRST DIBS!! *puts on combat boots*

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rinnah said...

Yay for Cocktails and Martinis! Love the type of stuff KC picks, the styles are so me... :D