Monday, 27 December 2010

Shades of Grey

I thought of posting something more christmassy, but truth to tell I've been too busy for Christmas, so maybe you'll get belated Christmas themed posts from me.

I know the theme of this post seemed glum, but I swear it isn't. I like grey. It's a great non-colour, not as stark as black or white and it has all the elegance. And lookee grey shoes! Yep, this outfit is matchy matchy and I honestly dont't care!

Just looking at this outfit makes me happy. I scored it at the Zara Warehouse sale. Locating a decent dress for RM50 at the warehouse sale in XS is so much of a miracle that the Zara staff processing my garment went "WHOA! XS! You're lucky!". Which is perhaps why he forgot to remove ALL the electronic tags forcing me to go back and beg them to remove it as I'd already disposed of the receipts. After all, why keep receipts when you can't return the garments? Trust me, check the garments, and always KEEP THE RECEIPTS. Otherwise the evil store people will treat you like you're a thief even when the screw up is theirs.

Can you spot the hiding beagle? THIS is how Toby normally behaves in front of a camera. Which is what makes his stealth beagle act in this shoot just so surprising. He was just in front of me when the camera's red light started blinking and next thing you know, he's going... going...


I also love these shoes. I wish they'd be more comfortable, but they're so much fun.I scored them at 50% off from Debenhams and I enjoy how demure they are in front but in the back they have rock & roll chains and studs. But quiet chains and studs. Quiet English rock.

I'm also wearing this hairband from Soak Republic but you can't see it in the pic.

Dress: Zara (RM49 on warehouse clearance)
Shoes: Debenhams (RM78 on 50% off)
Hairband: Soak Republic (RM15 after discount at a bazaar)


rinnah said...

Totally non-related comment, but I love it whenever the beagles make an appearance on Frocking! :D

Silva said...

I love grey, and those shoes are awesome.