Friday, 17 December 2010

The Dye Job

What do you do when you love an RM15 dress but hate the colour?

Dye it of course!

These days there's both cold and hot dyes. Cold dyes are far easier to use as they don't require boiling and all that jazz, but may not take as well. I chose a lovely leaf green cold dye, and two darker hot-dyes just in case the cold dye screwed up.

To use cold dye you'll need...

1. Cold Dye
2. Cold Dye Fix
3. 200g of Salt 
4. Hot water
5. Cold water
6. A big pail
7. Gloves that DON'T leak (yes this is where I dyed my hands green)
8. Something to stir it with.

Let it sit for about 2 hours aannddd...

Washwashwashwashwash (Discover hands are green and swear yourself blue)

Fish out the dress and see what colour it's become because unless the ground colour is white or very very light, you aren't going to get the colour of the dye you bought. In this case, a base colour of peach + leaf green dye = antique gold. NICE!

Have you dyed anything recently? Any tips? Stories? 


Foong Jin said...

Very useful tip to turn old boring clothes into something fresh! :) Will try it out someday when I've some spare time :)

a.j said...

Nice! I will try this on weekend. :)

Kahani said...

Hey Foong Jin: It's also great for saving stained white clothing and for refreshing black outfits (just redye them black!).

AJ: Cool! What's the project? What colour are you using?

some-kinda-alien said...

hello :)

this post is incredibly helpful but i have a few questions. would be great if you could answer them since i have a lot of outfits i've been wanting to dye but i was afraid it might ruin the outfit entirely.

(1) when do you use the hot water and the cold water for cold dyes? (2) does the dyes come with instructions? and (3) if i wanted to use the hot dye, how do i do so? and (4) do i have to get a "hot dye fix" for hot dyes?