Monday, 18 October 2010

Night on the town

Now you know I'm a big fan of the Little Black Dress but a surefire way to ensure that I don't turn up in one is to specify the dress code as "black". I'm stubborn like that.

But I'm first to admit I love a chance to dress up and try out new evening wear and this is an idea I've been toying with awhile. I paired a gold corset-like top with a black pencil skirt and bolero. As Zouk club was absolutely freezing when not full of sweaty gyrating teens, I was very very grateful for the bolero. And the company of freezing Connie &  ParisB. ;)

Oh and this was the launch of Hugo Boss Bottled Night at Zouk KL. Ryan Reynolds attended the US launch... but not the M'sian one. Alas...

The ever-present Xandria Ooi of course stuck to the dress code...

And yes they branded us with stickers at the door. 

Head over to So Loverly for details on & a brief review of the fragrance!

Bolero: RM70 (Paperdoll Boutique)
Top: RM15 (H&M sold in FOS)
Pencil Skirt: RM39 (Next boutique, Ikano)
Shoes (not pictured, they were nude and sky-high): RM79 (Cats Whiskers)
Bag: Accessorize (SGD17.50 after 50% discount)
Earrings: Diva (RM39 for 3 pairs)


Alex said...

I'm surprised she actually did. Thought she'd stick to her signature electric blue :P

Nice combo, from the little I can see. Would be nice to get a clearer view of the corset top though.

Kahani said...

Alex: LOL, maybe they intimidated her. It's not reaaaaally a corset top. It's just a top that holds nothing in and provides no support. Click the pics to expand them and you can take a closer gander.