Friday, 5 November 2010

Frockspiration: Firefly

For all my love of girly, flouncy frocks there's a bit of me that adores swashbuckling attire. Indiana Jones hats and satchels, skintight tan / leather pants, boots... ooh boots...  which is why I adore the costumes in Joss Whedon's prematurely-killed steampunk space cowboy series, Firefly. Browncoat anyone?

Zoe is capable, tough, cool and very hot. Somehow, even the bootlace choker she wears is hot.

And the absolute frocking out champion award goes to River Tam. Floaty, girly, almost childish garments, and hella tough boots:

I love sleeves like this

And no Firefly Frockspiration post would be complete without Captain Tightpants himself

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Joann Pfeiffer said...

This was great! I'm a huge browncoat looking for a good picture of River's outfits (for inspiration). Big help, thanks!