Monday, 20 September 2010

I, Jane

Now, where the bloody hell is my Tarzan?
Remember what I said about my love for khaki and old English explorer movies? I think perhaps they ran a little amok with this outfit. The loose, Victorian-inspired shirt and khaki capris had me cheerfully popping on the hat and boots for the shoot without a second thought. Tee hee!
Of course, when it came to actually going OUT in it, I came to my senses and ditched the hat and boots for sandals instead.

I loved wearing this outfit, it was comfy, cool and for some reason I felt all chic and Garance Dore-style in it. Well, maybe I was, maybe I wasn't. Don't burst my bubble!

The hat was bought on a whim in Melaka. Just owning it makes me happy. =P

Hat: Melaka street stall (RM15)
Capris: Mynt (RM17 after 70% + 10% discount)
Boots: H&M (GBP15 after discount)
Sandals: Thrifted Clarks (RM35)


rinnah said...

This outfit has a safari-feel to it! Must be the hat. :)

Eli said...

I love the top! But Petra might absent-mindedly borrow it from me and never give it back.

Kahani said...

Rinnah: I wore it to work yesterday and some were asking why I left off the hat. =P

Eli: Dear that CANNOT be a reason for you nto to buy nice stuff lah. =P