Monday, 13 September 2010

Frocking Out in Japan Day 1: Tokyo & Kobe

Just got back from a working trip to Japan that was a really jam-packed working trip. Am grateful I got a chance to go, but it kills me that I had next to no time to see or do anything but work. At least I got to take the shinkansen! And yes it goes very very fast. 

First sighting of Japan

In the Japanese Garden of the hotel I was staying at in Tokyo. The Koi really do gather (and poke their snouts out in the quest for food) when you clap. 

The traditional teahouse in the Japanese Garden

Eating on the Shinkansen. Even the lunchboxes in Japan are adorable. 

Mosaic amusement park and mall at Kobe. We didn't go but the view of it from where we had dinner was irresistable. 

Dress: Cats Whiskers (RM89)
Shoes: Clarks (RM269 - present from mum)
Bag: Stall in Taiping (present from mum) 

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Dusk said...

Okay..this must have been painful! All work and no play! In Tokyo??? :(
...I'm sure you'll get back there sometime soon.

Love your shoes hon!