Monday, 23 August 2010

Tiffany Dress

Photos by Rinnah
I call this my Tiffany dress because it's precisely the shade of a box from Tiffany's. Also, the white flowers (rather hard to photograph) on it match the traditional white ribbon that goes around it. It seemed the perfect dress to wear to meet the girls for brunch at Marmalade Cafe. My favourite talented photographer Rinnah was a darling as usual and helped me rearrange the entire cafe to our photographic desires. =P

I huff, I puff, but will it spin? NOOOooooo...

The murals at Marmalade always seem to bring out our playful sides. The brunch was a mad riot. Love you girls!

Dress: Amcorp Mall Flea Market (RM9)
Shoes: Cotton On (Promotion, 2 for RM30)
Belt: FOS: RM15
Daisy Necklace: My Kedai Runcit (RM25)

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xin said...

babe u looked really gorgeous in alk the dresses! *envy*