Monday, 12 July 2010

Shopping Around: Amcorp Mall Flea Market

UPDATE: Amcorp Mall management has banned the clothing stores! Go here for more details. 

For those of you still curious as to where I buy my thrift dresses, they are mostly from one source: Amcorp Mall's Weekend Flea Market. And in fact, mostly from one stall - Chia's on Level 2, just past Book Xcess (pictured above). Her clothes are primarily overstock imported from Japan and China and tend to be vintage cut and high quality.

I like to get to the mall by about 12pm on Sundays because this is how crowded it gets.

Clothes shopping done, I can never resist a prowl through this amazing bookstore. Everything's brand new, and at least half retail price. Don't ask me how they do it. They even have books you won't find in our regular stores. My current addiction is their collection of Audiobooks - I have Neil Gaiman's gravelly English voice reading Neverwhere to me in my car now. ^_^

Yesterday was a GOOD haul by any standards. FIVE new dresses!:
These are both RM9
Just realised all of them are floral themed. But I don't just look at colour and print, I love classic cuts (as you may realise by now). Shifts and waist-hugging dresses with flouncy skirts.

This is quite the find. A silk Ann Taylor shift dress for RM5!

Embroidery details make two otherwise plain dresses interesting. The black & red one is RM15 and the cream one, RM9.

Can't wait to feature them in outfit posts! They're in the wash now as I type.

Amcorp Mall Flea Market is held on Saturdays & Sundays from 11am to 5pm.


rinnah said...

Hmm... tempting enough for me to want to make a trip down to Amcorp Mall... I must resist! :P

Dusk said...

Okay. That's it. I'm already convinced the best shopping is in KL anyway [Singapore is boring shopping wise!]... I am going to have to get here next time I'm there!

Looking forward to seeing you in your new dresses!

lavender said...

This is a great post!

Can we try on the dress before buying?
Even though it is super cheap, if I can't wear I don't know who I can give to.

I think I must go next week or so. Thanks and can't wait to see your upcoming post!

Kahani said...

Hey ladies, sorry been a bit busy.

Rinnah: Umm WHY? It's not like you can break the bank there y'know...

Dusk: hahaha Singapore is a different class of shopping you could say. I'll meet you at Amcorp when you swing into town!

Lavender: Oops should have added that bit in, sorry dear! Yes you can pick out what you want and go try them on in the bathroom. I like to shop in tight jeggings and a loose top over a boob tube so I don't have to use a bathroom stall. Just whip of the shirt and try the dresses on near the sinks in front of the large mirror. =D

lavender said...

Thanks very much for the tips on trying the dress. I think I must go soon....will report to u if I find anything.

lavender said...

Hi kahani

i went there today (18/7/10) around 1.30 pm and I did not see this store. I think she is on leave this week. quite dissapointed. I will try another time.

note: I think I saw you in Xcess Bookstore

Kahani said...

lavender: The store was there lah woman. I bought two dresses! Next time come up and say hi. =)

It's really hard to say exactly where the store is, but just look out for the one that has signs selling their dresses at RM15 per dress, RM9 per dress and 2 for RM10 on the 3rd floor.

lavender said...

Alamak! I must be blind.

I did notice a store at the corner. and saw an Indian lady sitting there. It's beside the escalator. But I see that the collection is so few. i did run through it but don't find anything that resembles your collection.
OK, next time I'll try again. Hope I'll bump into you again and this time I'll say hi.

Kahani said...

next time go shopping anyway. And I think you're thinking of the malay aunty store. Chia's is opposite this Malay restaurant that serves nasi in the chap fan style.

Lavender said...

Thanks very much for giving me so much detail. This time I am determine to find the stall.

I am so blur la...

Anonymous said...

Pls pls pls tell me if they do sell dog accesories and stuff ?

Kahani said...

Umm not that I know of. If you have a small dog, try Daiso - cheap fun stuff of decent quality. Also, there's a big pet store in Ikano.