Wednesday, 14 July 2010

FitFlopping Around - The Pietra is Skinny-Feet friendly!

As someone who takes no regular exercise whatsoever, my health, fitness and general state of jiggliness is starting to worry me. Just because I'm slim doesn't mean I can take my health for granted. So under the joint-pressure and enthusiastic testimonies of ParisB and Beetrice (Beetrice has one HECK of a recommendation) I succumbed and bought the most expensive pair of Flip Flops known the mankind. Oh and I have to blame my feet too. These are COMFY - be warned: if you try on a pair that fits, your feet will nag you till you buy them.

I just keep telling myself that they're cheaper and far more convenient than a gym membership.

What are Fit Flops?
Created by Marcia Kilgore (the genius woman behind Bliss and Soap & Glory product lines), Fit Flops are designed to give you a work out as your walk. The idea is that its design incorporates a "wobble board" into its sole which, based on 'biomechanical engineering' will help tighten and tone your leg muscles as you walk. Go here for the full listing of claims.
Now I cannot promise ANY of that as I've walked all of about two days in them (sadly I don't have a job that is sandal-friendly) but I will say that they are the most comfy shoes you'll own. The support is amazing and while I've heard and read warnings that you will get tired and develop muscle aches from overdoing it - I haven't had any issues at all. Plus, in this design at least, they look SO much better than Crocs!

Fit, Design and so on...
Most of the FitFlop designs are for medium to wide feet, thank heavens for the Pietra. I have ultra skinny-feet that are normally Euro size 37 and UK size 4, but fit the Pietra in UK3. Good job too, it was the ONLY size left in this design. I would have preferred the Bronze toned ones but no dice - they were completely gone. Getting the fit right matters, so read up a bit on the site before running out and buying yourself a pair.
I'm also very relieved that the one style that fits my feet is the most fashion forward one. I'm not sure I'd shell out this much for a less pretty shoe - yes I'm shallow that way.

Where to buy?
I've seen these in Parkson's Malaysia where they retail for about RM300 and up. Nope not kidding, wish I was. I heard from ParisB though that these were cheaper in Singapore and so snagged this pair for SGD120. Yep that's cheaper! If you can score them in the US or UK though I understand they're even more affordable there and have designs that we don't get in Asia. Alas.

I'll wear these for a good while more and update you guys on them in a few months!


rinnah said...

I haven't heard Beetrice's testimonial! :(

beetrice said...

hehe, Rinnah, if I see you soon I'll convert you.. ;)

glad you like it Em (altho I did tell you your legs can't possibly get any skinnier!!)

had my pair for just about a month already, and loving it! :D