Thursday, 31 December 2009

Spotty Brolly

Ah well, if you can't beat the weather, join it aye?

My slight crush on transparent brollies started when I saw this gorgeous Dutch girl in a lovely bottle-green coat and to-die-for boots pedalling merrily in the rain safely under a clear bubble umbrella. So genius, so chic! So when I spotted this dotty darling in Daiso for RM5 how could I resist? There's an added benefit of being to see cars coming when you cross the road. Safety and style, score!

In rainy London, cute brollies were all the rage too. Like hats, it's a mystery why the fashionable umbrella and the parasol hasn't truly caught on in Malaysia. Care to join the Frocking gals in starting a trend anyone?

Brolly: Daiso (RM5)
Dress: Thrifted & Vintage @ Amcorp Mall (RM15)
Shoes: Cats Whiskers (RM89)


Alex said...

Cutesy brolly?



*hops over to nearest one in Curve (I think)*

Rey said...


How did I miss this polka dot post??!

I heart see-thru umbrellas too! I have a clear one with baby pink trim and matching handle. It's huge. If I hold it up straight, I have to look thru the material...that's good I guess, to prevent ruined hair and makeup!