Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Shanghai style

I love travel, especially to a country with a different climate than home.

Coming from hot, humid (and lately, very wet) Malaysia, I very, very rarely have the opportunity to dress up in cold wet weather gear, so when I landed in Shanghai I was pretty chuffed that it was cold enough for me to bust out skinnies, boots and a beret!

I could've probably done better, but seeing that I was only there for a short visit, whether I had enough luggage allowance to haul it back was another thing altogether.

Shanghainese style, for what it's worth, I observed to be relatively...blah. Perhaps because of the time of year--approaching winter, the shops are full of jackets, long-sleeved tops and tights. Even then, the tights selection was pretty blah--no bright colours, just heaps of darks! Boooo-riiing.

Anyway, this was me, hardly standing out amongst a crowd. Or maybe I lie--I certainly didn't spot too many people in headgear, even when temperatures were well below 10 degrees!

Grey wooly beret: RMB24 (about RM12), a shop in Qi Bao Ancient Town
Black puffa jacked: RMB119 (70% off), some mall heading to Qi Bao (I was cold!) Scarf: RMB10 (RM5), another shop in Qi Bao
Dark blue skinnies: RM99, MNG

Boots: Borrowed from cousin

Bag: RM35, FOS


plue said...

i love this look! it gives a very different feeling about you~ somehow.. erm, a bit of a new yorkish style?

love the boots especially! :D

Rey said...

I luvs knee high boots!

You look awesome...and sho cute the zebra scarf :)

Kahani said...

*wails* I wanna go where I can bust out the boots. Love cold weather gear. Am threatening to visit Aussie friends in dead of winter so I can frock around in them again, Ah well...

You look awesome babe. And the shanghainese are nuts. HOW do you NOT wear headgear when you have an excuse?

Meldee said...

Hehe thanks ladies! :D
Makes me really look forward to colder climates again, tee hee.

Sushers said...

shouldve told me to get your coloured tights from Topshop UK! so cheap there! (or from Primark) LOL.

Meldee said...

Thanks Sushers but hello! China! Everything's cheap cheap cheeeaaaaap!

Syen said...

Oooh.. Me likes the look very much! Damn. I wished Msia had cold weather so we could get the jacketses and the bootsies! =P