Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas. It's the one festival that means a lot to me. I love the tree, to give presents to loved ones, the cosy-ness, and the turkey dinner. ;)

This was our small family Christmas dinner last night. Some years our dinners are huge - one year it was so large I wrote up the six-turkey extravaganza for theSun! This year was just the four of us though and it was lovely.

My Chrissy present from my brother. I wonder what it is... can you tell?

Incidentally don't you LOVE the way guys wrap presents? So much earnestness combined with so much failure. I had an ex whose present looked like he wrapped it in the dark after losing both this thumbs. Adorable. =D

Dress: Thrifted at a Bazaar(RM15)
Earrings: Diva (3 pairs for RM29)


Rey said...

I love the ornaments with hearts on them! They match your cute and comfy outfit :)

I totally agree with the wrapping abilities of most males. Mine felt so embarrassed my gifts to him were wrapped so much prettier, he told me to put his behind the tree for pictures, heehee.

Kahani said...

Rey: Tee hee... truth is that's why I chose the outfit. I love the scandinavian red and white christmas theme - with hearts. And this year, Ikea went totally scandinavian - probably for comfort reasons during hte downturn.

But those mishappen presents are so cute aren't they?

Meldee said...

Love the dress! It's so cute.

And LOL...yes, I do wonder what your brother got you, hmm!

beetrice said...

hahaha...hey, at least your bro attempted to wrap your present! mine came in a paper bag...on the other hand though, I had the shock of getting a wrapped present this year from my DAD... :O he didn't do too bad a job either! ;)