Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Internet: One way to Survive Black Friday

The day after the USA's Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. The malls open as early as 4am. You show up at 3.30am. You think you're at Disney World rides because that's how long the lines are...before the stores even open! At some of the more popular stores, people line up as early as 2-3 hours before the doors actually open. A friend waited in line for 1.5 hours just to get into ToysR'Us after it opened. Oh, and then there are the cashier lines...which I rather not discuss. (*shivers in horror*)

Not to worry, my fair lovelies. I survived the madness that is Black Friday! (*flex*) I got a couple of great deals which I will surely show off in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I'd like to share with you my appreciation for the interwebz which allows me to take part in Black Friday in the comfort of my home...and my two best buys which resulted from it :)

If you know me well enough, you'd know I don't really go for handbags. I usually just pass by the handbag section of favourite shopping haunts. Heck, I've been lugging around my Cuppycake tote every single day, with practically every outfit I have...regardless whether it matches or not. (I'll be real with you and admit it doesn't match much, but zomg so cute!) Anyway, you get the point. It takes a lot for me to give two hoots about a handbag, so me buying not one, but TWO at once is a huge event!

My 5yr old Aldo winter boots have died on me and with so many stores having outrageous Black Friday sales, I decided to check the online for a new pair. I'm a sucker for the Clearance sections in online stores, so of course I click it. I not only found a great deal on new winter boots, but these two frilly numbers caught my eye as well. I have not received them in the mail just yet, but I'm too excited not to show off a good bargain and things I absolutely adore.

White tote - US$16 (60% off)
I know the model looks creeeepy...

Quoting Aldo, these handbags feature scalloped trim detail and flower-shaped perforations that give them the prettiest allure! I love it; totally me :)

Red Clutch - US$7
I don't recall how much it had been was gone by the time I made this post!

While they're both girly and frilly, they each have their own personality from their colours. One is a super sweet white and the other, a sassy sexy red. I also like that they're not miniscule in size like some other usually pricey brands.

What else can I say except that they were even shipped for free and I can't wait to get them in the mail?!

Beware Mr. UPS...*cackle*


Kahani said...

LOL it's still cuppycake, just less obvious. =P So babe, where are the pics of the winter boots?

Meldee said...

YAY REY! Loves them. And yes, all hail Internet shopping!


I agree with Kahani---WHERE IS THEM BOOTS?

Rey said...

the pic of the boots are gone from the website...blargh. guess they sold out before i could screenshot.

do not worry! i should get them in the mail SOON!

Kahani said...

Lingerie and boots post?