Monday, 14 December 2009

Going dotty

While I was away in Europe and my brother studying in Penang, my parents were attacked by a severe case of empty nest syndrome. As a result, one beagle became two, they build a beagle palace and 50 plants became a hundred. Or fine, 87 plants with 43 in pots. I know because I counted - I had to water them ALL. When you're in your usual morning mad dash to get to work, it's enough to make you dotty (sorry, I couldn't resist!).

The dress was one of those I-want-I-buy-kaching! Finds. The moment I saw it on Oh Vintage - I clicked, I saw, I bought.

I love how Mad Men-esque it is. I can totally see the impeccable Joan rocking it up. *sighs* Maybe I'll take to wearing it with my hair in a French bun.

Dress: Oh Vintage (RM28 + RM6 shipping)
Earrings: Diva (RM23 on sale)
Shoes: Debenhams (RM57 after 70% discount)


karcy said...

Forget the dress (though that looks good too) -- the shoes are fantastic!

Meldee said...

Sigh, love this dress.

Rey said...

>.< sorry so late with comments! i blame work!

but how could i not like this dress...dur, polka dots =D

I have one like this, similar color and dot size...just with a more flair skirt part :)