Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Weinies Weinies Everywhere!

Printed all over my dress :)

I love spending hours in the massive craft stores in the US. It's art waiting to happen! I got this "Weinie dogs in Sweaters" material from a craft store that specializes in a wide variety of fabrics. There are tons of ready made pretty floral dresses out there. As much as I myself adore roses and daisies, the quirky part of me is drawn to the novelty fabric section. Usually, fabrics from this section are used to make quilts, pillow cases and house decor, etc. So not for dresses.

I say pfft to that! I don't see why I can't make Scarlett proud and wear what some people use to make curtains.

I am not a pro at my own sewing machine yet, unfortunately. So, I got a very lovely young lady to make this dress for me based on a rough sketch and ideas from dresses I already loved. She charges way less than some of the places I approached in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. They wanted to charge me rm150-200 plus my own material. Erm, WUT?!

Anyhoo, this dress combines all my favourite dress details. Halter neck. Sweetheart neckline. Waistband. Smocked back. Flared skirt.

Hmmm...I originally wanted to say that this makes me purr but I realize this is a doggy dress. Bah.

Fabric: JoAnn Fabrics - US$3.50/yard
Shiny flats: Payless Shoes - $10
Heart drop earrings: Hot Topic - US$4.50
Seamstress: Christa (pst me for info!)


Meldee said...

I love this, babe! The print is adorable beyond belief :) And the dress itself is divine! I feel the need to rush myself over to fabric stores here (cos you CAN find some nice cotton) and beg my aunt to make me a dress just like this! <3

Kahani said...

Eeee! hahah omg this print is truly adorable! And that headline is so going to get us dodgy attention... =P

Rey said...

Dodgy publicity is still publicity! =D

At least I edited it from "weiners"...?

KL has some nice (and cheap) fabric stores...I lurve the novelty Japanese fabrics but sooo expensive online. They have tons of fairy tale Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Mother Goose...etc

Alex said...

This is so girly and so cute and so you!!!!

Seriously, if you ever decide to go into full time business with this skill of yours, you'll do a roaring trade ;)

Now you make me wish I'd paid more attention in domestic skills class!

Petra said...

i love this. i love scarlett o'hara - this is fab.

Rey said...

Thank you ladies :) I hope to master the sewing machine one day. I love this design but I wanna do more little details here and there.

I'm thinking of getting a really cute fabric with cakes on it next!

Meldee said...

You can like so totally pwn that sewing machine, Rey.

Stylicious Fashionista said...

Oohhh Rey! Too cutesy for words! Me likey! <3


Oh and you must make me a headband!! Bring one back with you when you come back!! The bunny one with the rosette was too cute for words!! I want!!!

Oh btw Rey, i think I'm gonna shut down the dailydress and stick to blogging about bags bags haha

Stylicious Fashionista
BagAddicts Anonymous

Eli said...

The dress is too cute for words. Looks like a pretty simple pattern though so you shouldn't have a problem whizzing it up on a sewing machine.

Some of my friends love electric sewing machines but modern tech scares the crap out of me since I tend to sew my thumb down to the fabric. I prefer manual. Easy to handle and fix.

Rey said...

Bei: Haha, no prob. One bunny band coming up =D

Eli: When you say manual, do you mean like the pedalling one...? O.o

Eli said...

Yup. Like the heavy metal punya. It gives me better control over the fabric and tension. Can't beat electric sewing machines for speed though.