Friday, 2 October 2009

Thrills and frills

I have a bit of a womanly figure, which used to be a bit of a sore point when I was growing up, especially seeing as how many of my friends were stick-skinny. In retrospect, I suppose they couldn't help being skinny any more than I could help having hips and a booty!

Growing older, I guess I've come to accept to a certain degree that there is nothing much I can do to change my basic genetic makeup, so I might as well flaunt what I got. And no, actually, I didn't get it from my Mama, c.f., it comes from my Dad's side of the family!

And seriously, what better style to flatter the figure than a pencil skirt?

What makes this pencil skirt extra special is that I found it in one of my aunts' wardrobes. In case you may be wondering about my fabulously stylish aunties that I keep mentioning, I have actually have five fabulous fashionista aunts, of which one of which is a dressmaker!

Even better yet for me, we all have curves.

This baby here is dark-washed denim, which makes it pretty good for Casual Fridays at work because it's dressed down, but not to the point that it's too casual, you know? It's also got amazing darts, and a real, honest-to-goodness five-inch zip that you saw everywhere in the 80s! Mad rad.

I found this gorgeous frilly top in Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok. I had approximately 15 minutes to spend about THB1,000 (about RM100) and I saw, I liked, I snapped up three tops in the same shop because they went for THB150 (RM15) a pop.

Unfortunately, I became somewhat possessed and was very, very late in meeting Mr M at our pre-agreed stop (he got bored of tailing me) and consequently almost missed our bus to the airport! Oops!

Top: THB150, somewhere in Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok
Skirt: Inherited from Fabulous Fashionista Family member
Shoes: RM34.90, Walk-in at Sunway Pyramid


plue said...

aw u pretty lady~ got curves is good, and at all the right places! ^_^

i love the frilly top! pencil skirt don't work for me, it accentuates my bum even worse!

Shu said...

loving your mustard shoes ;)

ps: lady lumps are a good thing!

Meldee said...

Thanks Plue :D Are you sure? Maybe you just haven't found The Right Skirt yet!

Shu: Hehehe thank you genius girl. Twas inspired by you! *bumps lady lumps*

Sushers said...

true now tho, how we appreciate our curves so much more than when we were back in high school...

Kahani said...

Oh yes, having been stick thin with NO curves and being comparatively curvy now. I can honestly say it's much nicer being curvy. The nasty twiggy-like girls who say your ass is big are just jealous. ;)

Rey said...

That is all <3

Meldee said...


No pun intended :P

Meldee said...
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