Monday, 12 October 2009

Lace & Leather

Well ok, not quite lace and leather as both the belt and shoes are fake, but I loved the stark contrast between the romantic filmy lace dress (yep dress, wore it as a top because the skirt's a wee bit short for work) and the - let's just fess up to it - bondage-y cinch black belt and shiny black triple-strap shoes. Oh and the slightly shiny black pencil skirt. It's shinier in person.

As the day was gloomy I decided to do a Lady Melbourne inspired post, crack out my new mini tripod (I already want a full-sized one!) and take pics on el sofa (yes my friends, the Spaniards consider sofas male. Why? I honestly don't know). Sadly I lack her skills *sighs* so I hope she will forgive the pitiful tribute.

Dress (worn as a top): Cocktails & Martinis Blogshop (RM43 + RM4 delivery)
Belt: Deeper & Harder (RM24)
Skirt: Miss Selfridge on eBayUK (£5)
Shoes: Debenhams, The Curve (RM53 after 70% discount)

A note to our dear readers,

If you're wondering why Mel and I are going it solo with tripods and not taking pics of each other anymore, don't worry we haven't had a falling out. It's just that work has been busy and we simply don't have time to nip up to the roof anymore. Plus, it's been raining. A lot. Cross your fingers we'll get time to prance around on the roof again beacuse I gotta tell you, the beagles are being very stubborn about learning how to take pics.

Also I apologise if my posts disappoint a little in quality over the next two months. Life is just very very busy for me right now. But I promise to try and stay on top of things.


ps. Yes Alex, my hair's down for the pic!


Eli said...

A bondage belt from a shop called Deeper and Harder? Gotta love that.

Rey said...

I love that there's shine under the lace that goes with the shoes (which are lovely!). guys have rain. Just wait till the snow kicks in here and I'm stuck inside. I'm gonna have to start using the kitchen and bathroom as my background >_<

Meldee said...

Eli, there's also another shop called Four Skin! How provocative is that.

Rey: Snow post! Snow post! Make snow angels! :D

Kahani said...

Eli & Mel: Actually, Deeper & Harder is OWNED by Fourskin Sdn Bhd. Beat that!

Rey: Yesh SNOW POST!!

Petra said...

Le piquechers are still nice, Em. :) And I actually enjoy the tripod shots. Didn't realise you used tripods!

Alex said...


Glad I saved this as a lovely last-minute reading treat before turning in ;)

Kahani said...

petra: thanks babe, until recently Mel and I have been taking pics for each other. But these days we're snatching them at home withe the tripod.

Alex: LOL you'll see a lot more of me with my hair down now that I take the shots before going to work. I leave my hair down in the mornings to air dry.