Friday, 16 October 2009

Hair-y fairylike

In the spirit of my previous fairy-dress post, I decided to showcase another dreamy-like item in my collection (and, hoho, are there many!). But this one I made myself, and you'd be shocked at how easy-peasy lemon-squeezy it is.

A few months ago, someone I know waxed lyrical over these lovely headbands from a popular local blogshop. I peeked at the link, and while indeed their headbands were lovely, and granted, more elaborate than this, the exorbitant (in comparison to what I spent on this!) pricetag made me go, "Yikes! Save your money, I'll make you one."

Many people don't realise what fun shops that sell ribbons, buttons and lace are. I popped over to the one in Old Town, PJ (the same row as Watsons--there are actually two craft shops in the same row, so all the better to head over there!) and picked up a pair of these sparkly applique things.

Yes, I do realise that they're meant to go on dresses, but I reckon things are more fun when you do what you usually wouldn't with them.

So yeah, the pair of them cost all of RM13.90. The headband, a plain black one with a flattish, velvety surface, cost all of RM2 at the local night market. With my handy glue-gun ablazin', I positioned it exactly where I wanted--and et voila, a pretty, girly headband that cost less than RM10.

Now, something to note--the applique things came in a pair, curved to different sides as they are meant to be positioned on humanoid shoulders. I made note of which side my friend's hair parting fell (opposite to mine, as luck would have it) and gave her the one that would suit her parting.

And it took me all of 5 minutes to do!

Sparkly applique: RM13.90 for a pair, craft shop in PJ Old Town
Headband: RM2 at the local night market


Shu said...

Hey mel!!

Great minds think alike!

I have been making headbands too!! (with a hot gun and lots of random stuff)

Meldee said...

I LOVE my glue gun :D

Petra said...

Well done!

Rey said...

Purdy. Is this the one you showed me before? Can't remember coz the pic in the e-mail was blurry.

Wouldn't it be fun take a girl's day out to craft stores and have a DIY party together? =D

Meldee said...

I think so Rey :) Ooh yes, DIY party with glue guns and sequins and cute things, ooh!