Thursday, 15 October 2009

Charmed by Travel

I love jewellery to mean something, to have a story, a tale to tell. One of my most tresured pieces is this travel charm bracelet. You see every place I've been to that means something to me has a commemorative charm on this bracelet. While most of the charms are bought at the destinations, sometimes you just can't find one no matter how hard you look. So I do pick some up afterwards but who knows, maybe one day I'll go back and find something perfect from the same place.

Globe & Passport - well it IS a travel charm bracelet
Venetian glass & silver charm - Venice, Italy

Dragon - Beijing, China
Eiffel Tower - Paris, France
The Little Mermaid - Copenhagen, Denmark but it also commemorates Aarhus

Scooter - Milan, Italy (this was bought in the UK)
El Toro - Alicante, Spain
Blue Swarovski Crystal Heart - Luzern, Switzerland (While I know Swarovski crystal is from Austria, the blue was just the shade of Luzern's lake.)

Wombat - Melbourne, Australia (gift from my best friend, Mary)
Violin & Bow - Vienna, Austria (bought in the UK)
Blue enamled dutch clog - Amserdam, The Netherlands

London Bus - London, UK
Pretzel - Hamburg, Germany
Shamrock - Belfast, Ireland

On the train from Milan to Venice, an American asked to buy the bracelet for €200 as a gift for this girlfriend. I was disgusted he even asked. Memories can't be bought.

The bracelet is pretty full but I hope in a lifetime to weigh it down with many more charms. Wish me luck and bon voyage!


Meldee said...

Aaaah! So lovely! Am envious.

And what a prick that guy was, to try and buy something so precious and treasured. Huff!

Tine said...

I reckon the poor sod didn't know it was precious to you :P. If he still tried to buy it from you after you told him what it was, then indeed he is a prick ;)

It's such a lovely bracelet :)

Eli said...

That's a really nice travel collection! My charms are mostly presents from friends.

Kahani said...

Mel & Tine: He asked where I bought it and I told him. THEN he offered to buy it. The jerk. I told him to bloody travel and buy the charms himself as he goes. "That's so much trouble" he whined. I just glared at him, put on my shades, and ignored him from then on.

Eli: Thanks dear, I figure that as souvenirs go charms are precious, pretty, and blessedly easy to tote. =D

Rey said...

I <3 charm bracelets! Haha, I remember back in the day when I would drive my mom nuts with the pasar malam ones with bells.

I love the Juicy Couture ones but good grief they're pricey. My boy got me the Pinata donkey coz I always make jokes about his heritage. (if you open the middle, a gold candy comes out!)