Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bag & Beagles

I have gone a wee bit bag mad lately. But I expect it'll die down soon. I wasn't even looking for a bag but I simply could not pass up this vintage-inspired baby when I spotted it for RM50 on The Kooky Thing.

It's surprisingly sturdy and well made, has an inside zipper, pockets and has an adjustable strap for across-the-body or shoulder-use. It does have a few slight drawbacks though - it's rather heavy even when empty and while the bottom is spacious the opening is annoyingly narrow. But still, for a weekend bag I love it!

By the way if you're looking for a good shoe-blogshop I can recommend The Kooky Thing. Fast and cheerful service plus hot and well-priced shoes. But act fast her shoes sell out in a heartbeat!

And now as requested, more beagles!

Toby asleep. There's no other way to catch him on camera. But really he's a sedate and mature sort of dog. Unlike say...

Rocky. Who enjoys sunbathing upside down.

Toby mostly ignores his antics though. And they adore each other.

Bag: That Kooky Thing (RM50 + RM8 shipping)
Beagles: Their Beagle Mums (priceless)


Rey said...

The doggies match the bag =D

On a similar subject, I just had someone sew me up a dress made from fabric with mini dachsunds print...can't wait to show you gals :)

plue said...

nice bag! i am looking for a good one to replace my old one :(

the beagles are adorable! oooh~ i shud be taking pictures of my beagle pupssssss~ :D

beetrice said...

rocky's picture is sending me into side-splitting hysterics!! :D how your two pooches can be so opposite is hilarious!!

Sushers said...

BEAGLES!!!!!! :D :D

now i really miss my BoJangles :(

Petra said...

Love the beagles and love the shot of the bag next to the seashell ;)

Eli said...

That's a Mary Poppins bag! =D

My girl sunbathes like Rocky too. Aunts nearly had a heart attack the first time she did it while staying at my gran's place. They thought the dog had keeled over and died.

Kahani said...

Rey: They're tricoloured so there's very little they don't match! LOL Sadly that also means there's hardly anything short of tweed where their hair doesn't show up. =(

Plue: YES you should!

Bee: I know right, you'd think that pure-bred beagles should be more similar.. but nooooo

Sush: Aww.. you can come over and cuddle both of mine.

Pet: Thanks dear!

Eli: It kinda is isn't it? Wish I'd bought that parrot brolly I saw in London. ;) HAHAHAH... your aunts are cute.

Stylicious Fashionista said...

The bag looks like the Fendi Chef bag (but minus the pushlock closure, which gives it a very Marc Jacobs feel)!

Stylicious Fashionista,