Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Warning: Terrible experience with Lush Serendipity Blogshop

So ladies here's the reason behind my Guide to Blogshops post. I have had a very infuriating and negative experience with popular blogshop, Lush Serendipity. By all accounts it's a popular and well run blogshop, but to my surprise the owner who goes by "Grace", "Shen", and "May Jern" is dishonest, unpleasant and downright nasty. She's also terribly clueless about consumer rights.

Here's my tale of woe:

On Aug 29 I ordered a pair of black flat "satin" shoes from her site in size 37, they retail at RM35 + RM8 postage. The transaction was effortless and pleasant, but when I received my shoes a few days later, the right side was a size 36 while the left was a 37.

"No problem!" thought I. Mistakes happen and are easily rectified. I gave her mobile a buzz and she, while sounding oddly disinterested and unapologetic (she did say "sorry" I think, but her heart wasn't in it). We agreed to meet up at The Curve the next day in the late afternoon and swap my size 36 for a size 37.

That Saturday (Sep 4) I dropped her a message at 4pm reminding her of our meeting and the agreed-upon swap. No reply.

I go to the mall, and try calling her. She doesn't answer, and doesn't respond to my SMS. I call her a few more times and she never answers. I get home and leave her an email, and no reply. She stood me up.

At this point I'm not exactly angry I'm just annoyed. But you know, stuff happens and maybe she has no internet access or her phone got stolen. Who knows right?

Then she sends out an email and her site updates. Immediately I write her another email, leave a comment on her site, call her and drop her sms's. Again absolutely NO reply or contact from her. But her site updates again. Clearly, she has internet access.

I would like to point out that while I was firm and stated my annoyance with her, I was never rude and even assured her that if her reasons were good I would forgive and forget.

I got frustrated enough to email the lovely girl running A Shopaholics Den asking if she made announcements on her site because I could not get this girl to reply. She said she knew her personally and would see what she could do.

Immediately I get an sms from "Grace". "Hey babe.so sorry had probs past few dats, can we meet tmrw?"

Apology? Not enough by half. I try giving her a call but she doesn't answer so I message back, "I don't think so. I'm working and tomorrow is a full day. Email me and we can discuss this."

Grace: Then when r u able to make it?

By this point I'm very annoyed. She has not had personal troubles to a point where she can't reply my messages and emails. If you can update your blog, you can email. And the implication that I'm being difficult is just too much.

To me, all I wanted to do was get rid of the shoes, get back my money and forget all about this child who has no business running a shop. "I was able to make it over the past 3 days, I was there saturday as prearranged" I pointed out and asked her to meet me at my office (near the curve), take back her shoes and refund my money,

Grace: All sales r final.no refunds.just give me ur add n i'l mail it to u.

Me: All sales are final if you actually sell me what I wanted. I gave you a chance to make this right with no penalties and you didn't honour your end. For obvious reasons the shoes have never been worn. Just take them back and return my money.

Grace: Excuse me.who r u to give me d attitude?no way m i refunding.u just give me ur add!

ME? Attitude? And I might add that any decent blogshop owner would KNOW the add she sent my things to.

So I replied, "I am an adult in full cognizance of my rights as a consumer. You made a mistake in the order. You stood me up. you failed to make contact or apologize. You have not provided adequate reasons nor accepted responsibility as a store owner." I pointed out that if I were to take her to consumer claims she would be at fault and as I never received the goods I purchased the transaction was incomplete and thus not "final".

Grace: Give me ur add.period.

I agreed to email her my delivery address but decide to be fair and warn her that I do run blogs and will review my negative experience of her. If she does choose to do the right thing and refund my money then I will consider the issue closed and may not choose to write her up.

Grace: Dere's no need to threaten me as I'm very connected w public figures working s lawyers.so dat's de end to it. i wil post out tmw.thx

I'll admit I laughed. I pointed out (gently I thought) that technically she'd commited transaction fraud by selling me goods I did not pay for. Also I wasn't giving her a threat, I was warning her that I felt she was someone who others should be aware of. Finally I told her that if she chose to post out the shoe she was not getting the size 36 she sent me as there was no way I'd incur further postage cost or trouble on my part.

So that's the story ladies. I received my replacement size 37 on Thursday and have not heard from her since. She chose not to honour my request.

As blogshops are built on trust and consumer service I believe Lush Serendipity has failed on both counts. I think that had I not contacted A Shopaholics Den, she would simply have avoided me and never bothered to correct her error.

I would love your comments on this and if I've been unreasonable in anyway I'd like your opinions. But if you agree with me, I encourage you to repost this on your web blogs and warn your friends away from Lush Serendipity. Believe me, no one needs this kind of drama.


WanShin said...

Hi Em, sorry to hear about the bad experience. Even more sorry to know that she defended her fradulent act by saying she is very connected with public figures working as lawyers.

You are not reasonable in any way. What you've done is within the boundaries of a reasonable consumer. Kudos to you.

Perhaps I'll repost this onto my blog.

Thanks for sharing and informing us.

Kahani said...

Hi Wan Shin,

Thanks dear! I'm not that bitter about it but I feel people should be warned. Besides her escalating crazy does make for a good read, no?

LOL I'm sure you meant "you are not unreasonable" thanks dear.. and I do encourage you to repost or link because she does run a very popular shop and people should be warned.

Meldee said...

Good one, Kahani! What a nightmare. Ugh!

WanShin said...

hahahah, sorry for the blatant error


Kahani said...

meldee: thanks dear!

Wanshin: HAHAHA! =D

Arrie said...

sorry to hear about ur bad experience.. i cant believe that they're so unethical.
i've had bad experience with blushberry.blogspot.com too. it was a terrible nightmare that i'd rather not mention it here. =)
btw are they selling real crocs?

Kahani said...

Hi Arrie, thanks for sharing dear. Sorry to hear you had an awful experience too. I honestly can't say if they are but recently Crocs had a major stock clear-out and the parent company appears to be in some financial trouble so it is entirely possible that the huge quantity of cheap crocs appearing are real. However if you can't see it and smell it (crocs have a distinctive scent for all that they're supposed to be "odourless") I'd say only buy if you'd pay that price for a NON original croc.

foogie said...

Thanks for the entertaining article. Quite disturbed to find that such annoying seller actually do exist in malaysia. What a bitch, lol.

Gonna persuade my gf to repost this on her blog :p.

Kahani said...

*rotfl* Glad to have entertained Foogie. Yes people like this exist... sadly... hope she'll repost it! Or at least not shop from this madwoman.

Shen said...

that is wrong. and one of them has the same name as i do.. :( so sad. in all things, i think you have the upperhand. no stores can say ALL SALES ARE FINALS. all laws whatever country you are in will attest to it once you see a defect on the product you bought, that's why there's a consumer protection laws. and if the store is not even licenced and making fraudulent sales, then they can also face criminal charges. if she refuses to refund you then one thing you can charge her with is estafa.. i'm sure her lawyer friends know this. :)

puteri said...

omg!!!!!! you know... i have the same problem that you are facing.. i was soo sad until one of my friend show me your blog. i ordered pre-shoe that was promised to be arrived and deliverd on 1st of april...
but until now she still has not send the item, answer or replied my msg. the only msg she send to me(after like thousand of call and msg i send to her previously) that "gime ur address and i'll post to you!!" . i do send her a gentle email reminder warning her if she has not send the item i'm going to make a police report. serius. i will treat it as a scam business. i hope i could here some reply from you as maybe in future i need some other witness that have the same problem with lush serendipity. tq

Suez said...

Emmm, but I bought from them before, the shoes are nice just that pre-order so have to wait and wait but at the end is worth waiting... :)

Kahani said...

Shen: I'm not sure she has lawyer friends. She just likes to talk big. Silly girl.

Puteri: Oh dear, so sorry to hear you've been burned. Try and warn others lah. Yes you can use my post as an example.

Suez: I'm glad you had a good experience. Thing is, she MUST make enough sales for her blog to exist. However, when she DOES screw up she doesn't take responsibility and rectify it. I simply don't want to risk my money or time on someone like that.

The Bead Pot said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry to read about this (I am only reading this now after reading it from Shopaholic's Den).

I did buy from her once but that was all as the quality wasn't that fantastic. However, the goods were delivered as promised by her malay guy friend, not by her. So I have not met her face-to-face.

I too, operate an online blogshop and I do state in my terms & conditions that items are non-exchangeable nor refundable and we are not responsible of losses.

However, in my last year of operation, I did indeed replace for one loss (sent to a condo address via pos Ekspress. So now I insist on office or house addresses) and I did remake an entire new bracelet to replace the one that my customer was dissatisfied with (I operate a handmade accessories blogshop).

I must say that I didn't mind at all because I guess my aim (and other online operators) is to keep customers happy and to have them come back for more. Bearing in mind that they can't touch nor see nor feel the items that they are going to buy online, going the extra mile for them is very important.

Again, I'm sorry to hear of your experience. Online reviews by reviewers such as Detailed Wears or Shopaholic's Den or Your Shopping Kaki are just as important as they serve as a platform to supposedly review trustworthy sites.

Anyway, I hope that your online purchases thereafter have been positive ones...

Kahani said...

Bead Pot: Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you treat customers so much better.

I understand the no exchanges or refunds thing, and if I had ordered size 36 and they didn't fit, it would be my own fault and I'd never have asked. But I ordered a 37 and got ONE 37 and ONE 36. Insane right? And I was nice about it too only to be treated so badly.

Keep up the good word! Oh do let me know where you saw this on ASD - I don't recall her posting the review.

The Bead Pot said...

Hi Em,
Oh, I guess ASD didn't write a post on it. I saw a review on LS's item and a "sad customer" commented. You can read it here: http://www.ashopaholicsden.com/2010/05/12/new-buys-great-buys/comment-page-1/#comment-1262

Kahani said...

Wow, I never noticed. But I'm grateful to whoever it is. Good to know that my experience is hopefully sparing others. She really is pretty dreadful and has no business running a shop.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I was *just* about to place an order with Lush Serendipity for a dress since she's offering free shipping right now...but something made me look up reviews first. I won't be buying from her anymore.

- Kat

Kahani said...

Glad to have helped Kat!