Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Rootote Love

Meet my newest Medium Roo-Tote in "Sprout". Made by Japanese company, Superplanning, Roo-Totes are so named for its little "kangaroo" pouch on the side. Light, strong, practical and oh-so-pretty, this is the fourth in my collection of Roo-Totes.

I was first addicted to these roomy and machine-washable canvas totes by fellow beauty (and sometimes fashion) bloggers ParisB and Beetrice. Perfect for a job where you lug everything with you, from notebooks to recorders to the kitchen sink these bags have become a staple in my daily life. All it needs to be perfect is an organiser.

A note to the wise though, it's worth buying the ones priced RM75 and up. Those in the RM46 range tend to be slightly less well constructed and don't have fastenings to close them. The one tote I have in this range is mostly used like a beach bag.

Bag: Rootote (RM75) - Tiny Tapir


rinnah said...

Aha! This is the new Rootote you got after I told you Tiny Tapir had restocked? Lovely! :D

I have 5 Roototes now - 4 of which I bought and 1 was a gift. Heh.

Rey said...

Eh, even the name is cute. If you show us another, I'd love to see what the pouch area looks like.

Lol, the name made me think of those sneakers back then which had the little zippers on each side.

beetrice said...

hehe..I have three at the moment - and getting addicted to the RuMes as well!! :D the new one is velly pleettyy indeed!! *winks*

Kahani said...

Rinnah: Yesh this is the one. It's green and purple, what's not to love. =D

Rey: Ooh the link may show you.. I'll see if I'm allowed to repost the Tiny Tapir pic. =)

beetrice: Thanks my fellow purple loving friend! It's a bit bigger than the other roototes though - odd.