Thursday, 3 September 2009

Mustard madness

I bought these pair of vintage-inspired mustard lovelies a while back, before I started work (I've been part of the work force for almost six months now!)

Since then, I've only worn them twice, I think. Which is bad. Bad, bad, bad. Because I am determined to get more wear out of them.

Thing is, for all my attempts at being adventurous, I've only worn them as a pop of colour to an otherwise boring or monochromatic outfit, like when I'm in a black shirt and denim pencil skirt (which is really vintage, and which I must feature one day! It's one of the best hand-me-down scores from my aunts!).

They've got a bit of height to them (not evident in pictures--I teeter on them, perhaps because the heel's skinny), but they're surprisingly comfy to wear. I drive barefoot though (sorry--know it sounds gross), so taking them off and putting them back on is a bit of a hassle.

But other than that, I love them! I'm wondering how else to wear them...any suggestions, ladies?

Mustard heels: RM34.90 (50% off), Walk-In at Sunway Pyramid


plue said...


I have the exact same pair! :D :D :D

But in grey of course! I had wanted the yellow mustard too when my sister looking at me telling me I shouldn't becuz I am lazy in playing dress up so, grey is good enough for me :P Otherwise, I have 2 pairs!

I love Walk-In, cheap most of the time and comfy shoes too!

shu said...

I have a pair of orange-coloured shoes, and have taken a tip off my housemate's sense of style.She pairs coloured shoes with coloured clothes.

So, I wore my orange shoes with a blue dress, and then again with a white ensemble.

So maybe you can wear your mustard shoes with a green dress, grey or red clothes.

Meldee said...

Yay Plue! Haha. Yeah she did make a good point, I have such trouble accessorising with them now. But I will endeavour to try harder! :P

Shu: Ooh, that is a good idea! They'd go nice with brown too, though I might look like a cheesecake (mmm, yum). LOL.