Monday, 28 September 2009

Freedom in a (bra) cup

I was first introduced to the concept of silicone bra-thingos by my bestie a few years ago. I was skeptical. "But won't they fall off?" I queried. "Or worse still, what if they don't come off when I want them to?"

Being kind, my bestie put my fears to rest and let me fondle her silicone bra (when she wasn't wearing it, of course). "Euw," was my initial reaction. It felt sticky, wobbly, and frankly, weird. But I bit the bullet and gave it a whirl--the entirely silicone version--and that one pair has lasted me some 20-25 wears.

And no, no boobie boo-boos occurred.

So anyhoo, this brings me round to these miraculous babies. Ideal for wear with strapless tops/dresses, they stick on well (unless you are drenched in sweat/rainwater) and cling on to your top ladybits until you want to remove them, after which they should come off without any hassle.

This version that I just picked up is the fabric/silicone version--which is better in my humble opinion as the fabric outer layer would have a little more friction with your top/dress, hence reducing the risk of a slip-and-slide (downwards) incident.

But if you want to be on the safe side, use double-sided tape to hold your frock up--or for the ones of you with more money to splurge, Hollywood Fashion Tape (spotted in Top Shop and Miss Selfridge outlets for around RM50 a pop).

Clearly, they got a little confused over what "off-the-shoulder tops" were and simply slapped on a "halter" label. But anyhow, this should give you an idea of the versatility of the silicone bra.

The instructions are pretty clear--and in reasonably good English, phew!

There are even little heart-shaped areas (?!) in the middle for a better fit!

These ones are actually quite cheap--I remember when the silicone bras were first sold here in Sungei Wang etc, they retailed at about RM35-RM40 per pair! Now they range between RM20-RM35, but you can find them in most places.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that like gel pads for shoes, these things won't last forever. The stickiness will go out of the bras after multiple uses, after which you should get a new pair (unless you want to risk having your silicone bra fall off your titties and land on the floor--true story, happened to someone I know!)

The instructions don't say so here, but as a rule of thumb, do NOT chuck these in the washing machine. Yes, it does say "washable" on the box, but they don't mean a wash-spin-rinse-spin cycle thing. They mean for you to hand-wash these babies with mild hand soap, leaving them to air dry for a few minutes. Do this often, and your pair should last you as long as mine did.

UnBra silicone bra: RM19.90, Hot Value Market
(I went to the one in The Summit, USJ. There is also another outlet in Amcorp Mall, on the LG level)


Rey said...

Haha, I like how they call it "UnBra" by switching around the first 2 letters of the "NuBra".

I would buy it just for the heart shapes inside, lol.

Question: can it come apart in the front to form 2 separate pieces? Am wondering if it's suitable for those plunging necklines that go down all the way to the waist.

Thinking I should go hunt around Victoria's Secret but that place is evil. Go in for one thing, come out with ten.

Meldee said...

Haha I know, right? Funny people.

If you want to have two separate pieces my advice would be to get nipple stickers! The same shop sells them for RM6.90 (LOL) but for the bigger-chested girls this might result in The Jiggle as they don't provide much support--come to think of it, these ones don't provide much support either!

Kahani said...

LOL I just bought the silicone ones with the heart shaped holes too. For more support try sticking them on further towards your armpits and then pulling them together. Also gives cleavage. ;)

So are the fabric ones more comfy?

Meldee said...

Ooh Kahani good idea! Haven't done that one before hehe. Yeah it's all right! Defo a plus not having your nips stuck in silicone hehe cf. heart-shaped thingos.

Eli said...

Thanks for this, Mel! I always wanted a pair tapi takut after I overheard this girl's nightmare story in Topshop. Her nipples got stuck in the cup so the skin got pulled off during removal. Aiyeeeeeee.

Meldee said...

OMG Eli! Really?! Jeepers. Well I don't think your nipples *should* get stuck in these ones, considering how there's a gap! Give it a whirl when you're back here, yes? :)

Eli said...

Not really stuck in the gap but the sticky silicone part got stuck to her nipples. The chick was telling her story to her friends while queuing at the counter and everyone in line winced.

I am relying on you to point out which cups won't traumatise my nipples when I balik.

Jayelle said...

hey mel!! :) you blogged about them freebras/nubras/ubras/tbras whatever! :)

Been catching up on your frockingaround blog and it's really good!! I luuuuuvs it. :D

YEAY YEAY I AM THE BESTIE THAT INTROED YOU TO IT:) hahaha, must tumpang glamour.

I might add, not good for clubbing though if you don't have a cinched top or like super tight fitting top. It can slide all the way to your tummy when you get so sweaty.

If you feel them sliding off, go to the toilet and pat dry your boobs, apply some eyelash adhesive to the freebras, and slap them back on.

Lay off the alcohol after that, word of caution, you really don't wanna chuck your freebra under the table where one of your guy friends can find it who will later say "EEYER WHOSE ONE IS THAT??" to which you will merrily shout, "MINE!" while your top becomes see through. :x just saying.

Meldee said...

Hahahahahaa Jo you are classic.

Yes, let that be a cautionary tale to all ye ladies out there!