Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Easy breezy, my favourite weekly

I like to call this my "I-don't-know-what-to-wear" solution. The situation arises at least once a week, and I usually turn to this pretty cotton dress.

Dress: Somerset Bay RM104 (30% off)

Normally, I would never even consider to pay that much for a simple single fabric dress. And the lil round of drama that came with it almost made it not want to buy it.

I first set eyes on this dress in Metrojaya at The Curve. It was on one of the mannequins sitting on an antique trunk at the Somerset Bay section. The rich red colour caught my attention right away before I even spotted anything else. The smocking and wide straps give it a comfy fit. And seeing the tiny white rose print once I got close up just made me go "OoooOooH". The price tag of RM149 however made me my face go O_o

In any case, I still wanted to try it out just because it looked so comfy and made me feel like running thru a sunny beach or lush grass covered in daisies. Of course, they had every size on the rack except for the one I needed...which funnily enough was on the mannequin! So I asked the salesgirl which took me 10 minutes to locate if they had any in storage.

Fifteen minutes later, I went looking for her and she was on the customer service phone...yakking to a friend about what to have for lunch. The second she noticed me, she blurted into the phone, "Eh, baju merah ada size 7 lagi tak?" (Is there anymore size 7 of the red dress?). Right...Anyway, she continued chatting on the phone and shook her hand to me signally that there was no more. Like I believed it was even someone on the other end of the phone who knew what the heck she was talking about.

Few days later, I was still thinking about the dress so I went to One Utama's Somerset Bay to get it. I kept thinking gosh, it's RM149 but you know...this was my first time back home in 3 years, I deserve a splurge. I was happily surprised to find out it was 30% off thanks to the nice cashier lady.

I feel this dress was way worth the money though. I've worn it at least once a week since I bought much so that my mom has seen recent pics of me and gone, "This dress again?!" I adore that it's one of those pure cotton wash-and-wear dresses. No fussing with the iron or unpronouncable materials. Heck, it even brightens up the nasty beach I took the photo at!

White roses on red...lovely!


Shu said...

Hey Rey,

Love the first photo!!

Meldee said...

Lovely! Haha I think we all have a dress like that, the fail-safe option!

And agreed with Shu--first pic. Very Pisces-Aries, meowr!

Kahani said...

OMG rey you definitely light up that beach, that first photo is gorrrgeous!

Hyderabad Rocker said...

Hey the blog skin makes your blog content not readable ....
please check it once dear....

Meldee said...

Thanks Rocker, it looks ok to me, perhaps you have to give the page time to finish loading? :) Alternatively, what browser are you using?

Rey said...

thank you shu, mel and kahani :) <3

hmm, yah i'm seeing the website ok both on my netbook and at an old comp at the school using IE. but if you're still having issues, do let us know what browser you're using...i wish to avoid other readers not being able to read our posts too :)

Kahani said...

Hi rocker, sometimes the white background over the black "boards" can take awhile to load if your connection's poor. If you're impatient, just highlight the text. ;)