Monday, 21 September 2009

Coming up roses

So on top of my addiction to bows of all sorts, I also have an incredible soft spot for all things floral, flowery, and dreamy.

But you already know this!

Anyway, this top is possibly the most expensive single item of clothing I have ever purchased, only because I was a completely smitten kitten.

I found this ruffled, soft-as-a-petal blousy top in Top Shop some time at the end of last year. Trying to justify the hefty RM109 price tag (by my standards, and it was 30% off already!), I saved it for Chinese New Year this year.

This was me during CNY with my beloved cousins AL (in a red poppy dress which also belongs to me, but which she loves so I have let her keep!) and SF, who was happy as a clam in her RM5 dress from Shanghai.

The skirt I'm wearing is a lovely pleated affair with cute eyelet detail on the hem--I found it in my aunt's wardrobe and staked my claim! I'll feature it properly sometime soon.

But just look at the dreamy quality it lends--I adore how it looks, and feels! The top is also along enough that I could wear it with tights, but since the material is pretty see-through I've only ever worn it as a top.

What I wore (in the first picture):

Top: RM109, 30% off at Top Shop
Pants: The famed Editor pants by Express Design Studio (dubbed "the best fitting pant in America"), RM39.90 at FOS
Brogues: RM29.90, Bata Warehouse at Subang Parade


Kahani said...

Ooh gorgeous pic! If I do say so myself. <-- (immodest photographer praising gorgeous model)

Rey said...

pwetty roses...i <3 roses on clothes :) dusky pink makes it even better.

i try my best too to never spend too much on pieces but every now and then you find something you know you gotta indulge and purchase...or you'll regret it. happened a few times before and i pout at the thought.

rinnah said...

LOL @ Kahani... it really is a gorgeous pic. You girls have a knack for posing!

Meldee said...

Kahani: Yes, the photographer had a wonderful way of direction! LOL.

Rey: I'm so glad you feel the same way too! LOL I just know if I'd walked away from this beauty I'd have felt grumbly forevermore!

Rinnah: Thanks chick! Haha we have our days...

Stylicious Fashionista said...

Oohhh Mel!!

I have the same top!! Lol. ANd you got it on sale?? No fair!! boohoo. And I haven't even worn it yet!!

Bei here btw =P hehe

Stylicious Fashionista

BagAddicts Anonymous