Wednesday, 12 August 2009

You're my Cuppycake

Almost everyone knows that little ditty...I'm stoked some fabulous people made it happen in dress and bag forms.

I adore this dress and bag as individual items and I know the dots on the dress may not totally match the dots on the bag...but why make a separate post when I can show you more cupcakes at one go!

I like to keep this outfit simple since the dress alone speaks for itself. Why would anyone want to look at anything but this dress? A pair of blingy sunglasses and plain black Mary Janes are all I need for a sunny stroll in the park.

I got both the dress and bag off eBay from separate sellers. I knew I would regret not purchasing this cuppycake dress especially since it goes for way more at a few online stores. The dress is by Paperdoll Productions (what a fun name!). The colors of the bag are exactly the same except for the dots of course, and the cupcake print is smaller in size. Some lovely lady made this bag herself.

Even if I don't plan on heading out anywhere, I like to throw this dress on and parade around the apartment when it happens to be one of those days when things just aren't going how you want them to. The baby pink color and polka dot bows make me think about childhood fun and the cupcakes with butterflies on them remind me of fairy tales and dreams. The fact that I found a bag to match it made the whole world just a little sweeter for a while.

Dress: Paperdoll Productions off eBay US$40
Handmade bag: eBay US$20
Shoes: Payless Shoes US$12


Kahani said...

OMG Cupcake OVERLOAD! LOL! All you need now is that cupcake handbag from the SATC movie.

petra said...

Love the outfit and poses!

Stylicious Fashionista said...

oohhh, the Judith Leiber bejwelled miniaudiere that Charlotte's daughter was seen with. It's USD$5k!!

Kahani said...

Stylicious - but dupes abound now. =D

Meldee said...

I love it all Rey! And that cuppycake bag's awesome in person too. Now I've got that song stuck in my head, Snoogums-boogums!

And yes, that Judith Leiber purse...I adore it! Will keep my eyes peeled for one in Bangkok (I'm dreamin', yes I know).

Rey said...

So like...I just googled the bag that I have no clue about.



Lol, I'm so happy I could fit into the dress again after coming back. Damn food marathons in KL >.<

Eli said...

Rey: But they use child labour to make fake handbags! *hides from Kahani*

I love your poses. Someday, I'll make a collage of all my fav outfit pics for my wall and this will be one of them.

Stylicious Fashionista said...

Rey: i'm still waiting for pics from you! LOl
And yes, i don't advocate fakes, I agree with Eli, child labour! poor children

Meldee: Just in case you were wondering, Stylicious is actually Bei! hahaha =P. Come check out and support my dailydress blog too!