Monday, 24 August 2009

Pocahontas does paisley

I'm getting pretty good at spotting my size on the racks. Yesterday I picked up a dress that I was so confident would fit me perfectly I still haven't tried it on. Not until it was washed and hanging on the line did it occur to me to see if it fit. I just know it will!

This one (which I also thrifted without trying) fits me like it was made for me. I have a weakness for paisley, and if you haven't noticed yet, I adore shift (edit 07/09/09: just learnt that if it's this form fitting it's a sheath not shift dress!) dresses for their classic lines and simplicity. This one's skirt has an assymetrical quirk that made me hesitate though. Would I love that it came to a pointed triangle in front? Would I hate it?

As it turns out, with a killer pair of heels I adore it! It looks funny when I'm in flats though. A simple pair of bronze hoops (not too big), throw my hair in a french braid and I'm good to go! A dress like this is a statement on its own.

This is Rocky looking curious and slightly concerned at my odd behaviour. Beagles have set routines and until now, having his owner set up a camera and pose all over the garden wasn't part of the morning rush. He'll get used to it.

Dress: Vintage @ Amcorp Mall Flea Market (RM5)
Bronze Hoop Earrings: Creme Brulee (RM5)
Heels: Cats Whiskers (RM99)
Beagle: Priceless


plue said...

i have 2 beagles at home, each with different personality.

2 is supah- lazy, which one doesn't even react when we give her food, and another jumps for glee of we give her anything edible.

another one more bad temper, but he's handsome. haha! fathered lotsa pretty baby beagles :D :D :D

Kahani said...

HAHAH oh believe me I know. I have two beagles two, both male though. The other one, Toby is so camera shy he runs and hides at the sight of one. So snapping a pic of him is hard!

plue said...

eh? did i say 2? i got 3 actually! 2 lazy females, another 1 hot tempered male! :P

they aren;t camera shy, but uh, to get them act cute is hard!

Paris B said...

I love how Rocky looks like he has kohl around his eyes :D

Kahani said...

plue: when you have a litter of beagle puppies I wanna come and plaaaaay!!

ParisB: A real makeup diva's dog huh? =D As a puppy, with the liner, he looked like he was ALL eyes.

*giggles* My dog is totally stealing my thunder.

plue said...

LOL! soon! my 2 females beagles, Rita and Pebbles are both expecting, somewhat uh, this week or next. Not sure. :P

And yeah, Rocky sure stole ur limelight!

Rey said...

you know, it wasn't till like 3-4 years ago that i figured out paisley was a type of print and not a colour. duh. i like this one...many paisley fabrics remind me of tablecloth but the large print and vintage colour of this is classy....kinda looks like lace.

Connie De Alwis said...

such a great fit! and Rocky looks like he's wearing really thick eyeliner. lol. so cute!