Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Everlasting (*crosses fingers*) loves

Off-shoulder top - Zara RM49
Polka dot skirt - Charlotte Russe US$10
Shoes - Clarks RM220

I usually love to throw on accessories such as hair clips and earrings. However, there's something about putting these three simple favourites together that keeps me satisfied from head to toe.

I have too many dresses to pick out a favourite but if you ever ask me what's my favourite multiple piece outfit, I will run to my walk-in closet and model you these three pieces.

I wasn't kidding when I said I loved polka dots. The skirt itself has a smocked waistline and the flared shape to it. It's super comfy, wash-and-wear material and for the dozens of times I've worn it over the course of 4 years, the color remains a fabulous bright red. I like to call this my Minnie skirt :)

The shoes. Oh, the shoes. They may be RM220 but they are by far the most comfy Mary Janes I have ever set my feet in. Guess what? I've had them for 6 years now. They have gone so well with everything! I have worn them to college everyday for 2 years after I first got them, wore them to my graduation and slipped them on to work in a middle school where I usually found myself crawling around on the floor or chasing kids in the playground. I so badly want Clarks to release the exact same design as I would love to have a spare once these fall apart.

On to the black Zara top worn so many times that the color is starting to fade and the hem is giving. I bought this sometime 4 years ago and I wish I had purchased two. It goes so well with almost every bottom piece I have and it's not your boring basic black top. I'm a sucker for off-shoulder tops and dresses as they add a nice flirty touch and the fit of this top is gorgeous. If anyone ever sees Zara comes out with this design again, let me know!


Kahani said...

LOL I noticed you named your pics "Minnie" *grins*

Adorable outfit! I looooove off-the-shoulder tops too, my problem is they're always perilously close to being off-the-kahani tops. >_<

And there is something to be said about investing in comfy pricey shoes. I have a pair of Scholls I've worn to death and they're STILL the most comfy pair I have. *sighs*

Meldee said...

Rey, I love the whole thing, and you do look gorgeous! I reckon it's awesome how you flaunt your figure so fabulously :D

I have a red dress one of my colleagues calls my Ginger (as in, Fred-and-Ginger) dress--I gotta feature it one day!

After hearing you girls talk about investment expensive shoes, I think I need to go get me a pair too. I have a pair of fabulous black ones (got them for RM20) but after 6 months they're crumbling.

Eli said...

Ok, I love the way you put this together. Understated and classy, I love this. And did the boy take the picture?

Rey said...

kahani: Yeah, I love the cotton/linen gypsy tops but argh, those tend to slip off worse than tubes due to the huge neckline.

mel: Haha, I auto thought Spice Girls when you said Ginger at first. Was imagining british flag print. Ooh yes, investing in a pair of expensive but 'goes well with everything' shoes are so worth it.

eli: Si, he takes the pictures. I'm usually satisfied about 50 shots and 30 mins after after I've directed him to the ground. He grumbles and comments he could prolly draw it faster.