Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bubblegum and bows

Slouchy cardi - AU$4.95, ValleyGirl Factory Outlet in Brisbane
Top (worn inside) - RM29, Mango
Skirt - RM25, J.Crew at FOS
Shoes - RM59.90, Vincci
Bow - AU$5, Diva

I don't always have interesting assignments, and I admit to having a short attention span. To give myself that added push to get out of bed (especially on Monday mornings!) I like to add in cute or happy elements into an otherwise blah outfit.

And today, just because I could, I busted out some delicious Bubble Yum grape bubblegum. I was happily blowing bubbles and popping them until my editor came up behind me and remarked on my skills, after which I was suitably chagrined (not that there's a rule banning the blowing of bubbles, but you know).

Anyway, this skirt is one of my favourite scores. I got it at FOS (yes, Factory Outlet Store, available in almost all major shopping centres in KL) during their 'Buy 1 Free 1' (the correct term, if you please, is 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' but now is not the time to be pedantic) promotion sometime this year.

It's pure linen (I adore natural fabrics like cotton, linen and silk) and has amazingly cute detail. The front buttons up like baby romper bottoms (I don't mean for it to sound juvenile; they're not, really!) and it has a cute-but-pointless lace up thingo at the back, which I forgot to get Kahani to take a picture of.

I have a terrible penchant for bows and ribbons, if you haven't already figured that out.

I also have a terrible addiction to Diva, but only when the hot pink signboards are placed outside the store, loudly proclaiming "NOTHING ABOVE RM21".

I found an equivalent of the signboard early this year, during post-Christmas sales in Australia. It being a bow and in leopard print, I simply didn't have the willpower to walk away!

I'm glad I didn't, because Diva hairbands, while ridiculously expensive at normal retail prices, are actually really worth the dosh at discount prices because they don't give me pounding headaches like other hairbands do.

And that, my friends, makes it that much easier for me to dosh out at Diva.


plue said...

i have a Diva butterfly ring which i so love and best of all, RM9!

ahahak! i have lots of accessories stashed around, but never gotten around wearing them...

and me likey bows n such too!

sush86 said...

haha why does this remind me of our school days? lol.

Meldee said...

Plue: Hey chick :) Ooh that's an awesome score, and why do you need an occasion to bust out the accessories? Just wear it to work! :)

Sush: School days? Haha why?! The bubblegum?

plue said...

mel, if only the bosses can shut their eyes and mouth about what i wear to work! ahak!

they always have ideas about how a lady shud dress! accessories are a NO NO! =_=

sush86 said...

the combo of the bow and bubblegum. haha

Meldee said...

Boo, Plus :( I say defy them anyway. Ha!

Sush, really? But I didn't wear bows or chew gum then...I think :P